Who are we
Vikings of Niflheim is a Mount & Blade: Warband Native clan created by members from the old Kingdom of Swadia clan whereas we immigrated to create our own independent clan to bring a better atmosphere to the community that we consider top priority.
We will be a competitive clan that does clanwars however we focus a lot on
building a great community first for everyone.
What is Niflheim?
Ginnungagap is in Nordic Mythology the emptyness of space, wherein the World was created. Before the creation of the world, there existed two regions.
there was the Muspellheim which consisted of lava. Then there was Niflheim which consisted of Icy lands.
First you need to register a user on our website. then second you can apply to join our clan by leaving an application which can be done at: 
Upon joining VoN you must read the "Rules of VoN" thread and the ranking gear thread under Important stuff section.

Wish to help keep our servers running? You can help right here by clicking on the link bellow, all donations are appreciated! Every donation you shall get a special Donator Tag.